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Various Applications


(Shared) Office furniture

Secure your personal drawer cabinet but share lock keys with your colleagues when your are away.


Mail Box

Your courier can drop off packages safely by accessing your locked mail box.


Front door

Secure your smart home with a door lock powered by My Lock. Invite friends easily and see who opened the door.

Brilliant Features

Many different lock types are powered by My Lock Technology to meet all your needs.
Watch out for the "Powered by My Lock sticker".


My Lock's encrypted locking technology is safer than physical keys that can get lost and codes that can be copied. Simply share lock keys with your frinds over-the-air. If needed, you can revoke a key with a single click.


My Lock uses state-of-the-art Bluetooth LE and NFC technology. You are free to choose whether you open your lock by using NFC or Bluetooth LE. It's up to you!
Good to know that all is secured by cryptography.


Optionally, the electronic locking solution incorporates a precise temperature and humidity sensor to supervise environmental conditions of your goods.


My Lock Dashboard keeps record of who has used your Lock and exactly when they did it. Also every key exchange between the lock owner and his friends will be visible.


How does it work?

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David Jenni

My Lock is an easy-to-use lock which I can simply open with my Smartphone. It’s awesome.”

Denis Druzic

"An incredible product with innumerable applications. It has so many features I like.”